Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Nutmeg's tale . . .

Yin and Yang. by Cooperscats Spain
Yin and Yang. a photo by Cooperscats Spain on Flickr.

Nutmeg and her brother, Bailey, were from a litter that someone had picked up from bins in Elche in September 2004.  Before we got to the fosterers' house, Mr C said he definitely didn't want a boy. As soon as he saw Bailey (who they'd named Minerva, thinking he was a girl), he said 'I want that one'.  I saw Nutmeg, with her little stumpy tail, and fell in love.  She'd be named Spike.

Apparently, it is common for tricolour female cats here to have stumpy tails, and there certainly lots of them about, so it was genetic rather than something nasty happening to her.

Bailey never was the same after having been mistaken for a girl in his formative months, he was always a bit fussy and girly. He was named Bailey because his tummy was the colour of Baileys liqueur, and Nutmeg because she was the colours of nutmeg grated over a rice pudding.

Sadly, we lost Bailey on 23 December 2010, to an undetected heart defect. He took a piece of all of our hearts with him.

Nutmeg is our most cuddly and talkative girl, and she's certainly not afraid to ask for what she wants!

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FruFruB said...

What a gorgeous pair ... so sorry to hear about Bailey x