Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Clover's tale . . .

Clover, in repose. by Cooperscats Spain
Clover, in repose. a photo by Cooperscats Spain on Flickr.

Clover was just 21 days old when I found her in April 2006.  I was out for a walk around the village, passing down a shortcut alley, and I found a toddler trying to wrench a little grey ball of fluff of her jumper.  Clover was holding on for dear life, literally.  I managed to detach her and asked the child where her mother was.  I asked if it was her kitten, and she just said it had been lying by her gates all day, her husband nearly ran it over at lunchtime, take it. By now, it was about 6 pm. I cradled Clover in an old cloth I cadged off the woman and rushed her home, got Mr C to drive us to the vet  who gave us baby cat milk powder to feed her, but didn't expect her to last the night as she was so weak and hungry.  

That little cat scoffed for her life. We got her all snugged up in the guest bathroom so we could leave her in peace and away from the curious Bailey and Nutmeg. It was quite traumatic opening that door the next morning, but she has thrived. She gradually turned black, with a few white hairs, but is a beautiful cat, although a little grumpy sometimes!

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FruFruB said...

She looks such a sweetheart ... who could imagine such teeth !! Clover was been truly blessed to have you and Mr C find her