Monday, 28 March 2011

Hedgehog has a bath.

I was being driven mad by a squeaky hedgehog toy this morning; so was Clover, it's her toy. Last night someone, Nutmeg we think, did a little wee on Hedgehog who was on some scrunched brown paper of Lily's. Clover and Lily had both been chasing Nutmeg, so we think she was getting her own back.

Seeing as Hedgehog is one of Clover's favourite toys, I decided to wash and disinfect him rather than throw him out. If you have a squeaky hedgehog of your own, don't wash it.

I thought he had a rattle inside, but it was a battery thingy - once it got wet, it didn't stop squeaking! He was out on the balcony overnight, but I couldn't leave him there today, the neighbours might think I was torturing a sparrow or something!

The noise was driving the cats mad, so I took him to work and left him in the sun on the car dashboard, hoping the squeaking would stop when he dried out. It drove me made in the car going to work, and was still chirruping all the way home. I've had to operate . . .

Unfortunately, Hedgehog has lost his squeak, but otherwise is doing well.  He does have rather a large scar, but it's somewhere that won't show . . .

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