Saturday, 11 February 2012

Our Henry...

Introducing our Henry...

Henry was found by our vet outside his clinic in a cardboard box, aged about 6-8 weeks. He took him in and tamed him from a wild feral cat to a cuddly, if a little nervous, kitten. Henry had Cryptorchidism (erm... an undescended testicle...). He has had to have two operations, the last one involving opening up his abdomen, because the testicle was right up inside him.  At the same time, he was castrated and blood tested negative for leukemia.

The vet had asked us at Christmastime if we wanted him and we resisted, thinking he would easily find a home. When we called in last week for Nutmeg's tablets, he was still there... Mr C said 4 months there was too long, we would give him a home! Yippee!

Henry is about 6 months old and is recovering nicely from his operation on Thursday (today is Saturday; he's had an antibiotic injection that lasts for 14 days, a painkilling injection and has dissolvable stitches). Looking at the size of his feet, he's going to be a big boy :-)

He has had a pee and poo in his litter box, which is brilliant, rather than splashin' it all over, and he loves his new wet food, only having had kibble before.

He's met the girls, briefly, and is adopting a non-agressive approach (he's a lover, not a fighter) and we think he will settle in without too much trouble in time. He is finding his way around a proper comfy home for the first time, and is having to learn English, as well as his new name, Henry... He was called Missy Foo at the vet... He looks more of a Henry than a Missy to us! Snork!