Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Jumper Recycled to make a Catbed

I had a lovely, soft, cashmere sweater that was en route to the charity shop, when I remembered seeing a photo of a catbed someone had made from an old jumper, so I decided to do a bit of recycling...

What you need:

An old slash-, crew- or round-neck jumper or long-sleeved top
Something to use as filling - either wadding or old teeshirts, towels, etc
Needle and thread
A spare half hour

How to do it:

1.  Turn the jumper inside out and sew up the neck opening.

2.  Turn the jumper right side out again and sew the ends of the sleeves together, making a hollow tube. (This join will be covered, so don't worry too much about your sewing!)

3.  Roll your filling lightly into a sausage-shape, then feed through the arms from up inside the jumper, finishing with a sausage across the neck. Topstitch the front to the back of the jumper along the bottom of the sausage across to the bottom of the armholes - you should now have the circle of the arms forming a sealed tube as the sides of the catbed.

4.  With the stuffed arm circle laid on top of the body of the jumper, fill the jumper body with your filling, folded to form a comfy cushion that fits inside the circle of the arms.

5.  Wrap the bottom of the jumper up and back over the stuffed arm circle and stitch into place.

6.  Stich the arms to the body underneath to close any openings in the base of the catbed.

7.  See how long it takes for a cat to take up residence... ;-)

Henry: First in, even before it was finished!
Clover: Second in, still in...

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